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Texas Senate, Texas House, US Congressional Districts

Texas Redistricting

We need your help to get fair maps in Texas! 


Texas Redistricting
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You can help! All Texans over the age of 16 are welcome to join and start empowering voters and defending democracy!

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Texas Voter Education

An easy to use voter education series to help young people better understand their role as citizens in our state.


Be a Texas Voter Curriculum
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Prepare students to be responsible voters & citizens.

Nonpartisan Voting Resources for Educators
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Texas still does not have online voter registration!  Fill out, print, sign & mail in your application today!

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The League is proud to be nonpartisan, neither supporting nor opposing political candidates or political parties at any level of government, but always working on vital issues of concern to members and the public.
Our mission is Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy. 

Are you looking for a way to get involved? Stand with the League for justice and democracy!

League of Women Voters of Texas News

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On behalf of our awesome and hard working team at the League of Women Voters of Texas - the Board of Directors, staff, and our student volunteers and interns - I want to wish you a Happy New Year!
VOTE411 Informed voters. Empowering People

 The League of Women Voters of Texas was born out of the suffrage movement on October 19, 1919. We are 100 years old and going strong!

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Election Protection Coalition recruiting volunteers to support voters during Texas Primary;  Polling place monitors and attorneys needed in January in order to prepare for the March 3, 2020 Texas Primary

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Thank you for an amazing year! In 2019, we not only celebrated 100 Years Strong, we proved it! You efforts powered the League to:
  • Send over 54,000 emails to state legislators!
League of Women Voters of Texas Finds Only 20% of Texas Counties Following Website Security Best Practice!

The League of Women Voters of Texas conducted its fourth survey of Texas county websites in late October and early November 2019. The League is proud to celebrate counties large and small which meet the needs of the diverse voters in their county.

100 years strong LWV celebration
Do you know what day Tuesday, Nov. 5th is? ELECTION DAY!
Happy folks who registered to vote

Great news! Texas voters get to vote on 10 proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution!  

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On September 10, 2019, The League of Women Voters of Texas was proud to continue supporting Crystal Mason-Hobbs in the appeal of her conviction for illegal voting, as Crystal’s attorneys, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Texas Civil Rights

Flag with fundamental right to vote of individuals across the country, particularly those in Texas.

On behalf of the League of Women Voters of Texas and partnering organizations, the Texas Civil Rights Project filed an amici curiae brief in Common Cause v. Lewis supporting the release of Republican strategist Thomas B.

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The League commemorated the passage of the 19th Amendment on August 26, 1920. It was one very important step in our democracy's long voting history. 
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Public Statement
28 days.  That’s how long it has been between mass shootings in Texas where the shooter did not have a personal connection to at least one of its victims.  It was less than two weeks ago when a man who was arrested for unlawfully ca
Historic voting dates in Texas

Join us in commemorating the passage of the 19th Amendment, on August 26, 1920, one very important step in our democracy's long voting history.  Support our mission  of empowering voters and defending democracy as we continue the fight for voting rights today! 

As Virginia Kase CEO LWVUS said “We mustn’t romanticize the story of the 19th Amendment. The truth is, progress towards a more perfect democracy is often messy, and the 19th Amendment did not break down voting barriers for all women—and even today, there is more work to be done.”

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Voters Who Submit Ballots by Mail Must Be Assured Their Votes Will Count 

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Action Alerts

Demand action NOW from Senator Cornyn and Senator Cruz on two gun safety bills!

Two bipartisan gun safety bills passed the US House of Representatives this spring.  They were sent to the US Senate and there has been no action.  

LWV-TX Press Release 7/24/19 (PNG)
Public Statement


Promote Public Input Hearings with maps of districts

The House Redistricting Committee has started holding public input hearings for the next round of redistricting.  We must alert our communities about these hearings, so that everyone has the chance to participate in our redistricting process.  Public comments at the hearings will be used to assist the Legislature when it draws district boundaries. Speaking up about your community is critical to ensuring district lines are drawn to keep your community whole and grouped with nearby communities with similar interests.

Panel at Bullock Museum Suffrage Centennial event
The best news of the summer is that Leagues are popping up all over Texas! Give a big shout out to the newest League in Texas - LWV Lake Houston! 
Texas Capitol

I joined the League almost 50 years ago because I believed the League would give me a voice in our representative government, where we often feel like our opinion gets lost.

Thank you letters for voting rights advocacy.

Wow! You are amazing! All of your work advocating for voting rights across Texas was incredibly impactful! Our elected officials listened to what you had to say about voting rights in Texas. Especially when we said it in force!

The League of Women Voters is in the Trenches of Boosting Voter Turnout

Grace Chimene, president League of Women Voters of TexasWith the League of Women Voters of Texas celebrating its 100thanniversary this year, we reached out to Grace Chimene, the League's president since June 2018, to discuss how Texans can get more civically engaged and how we as a state can improve v

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Public Statement
Austin – The League of Women Voters of Texas and other nonprofit groups and civil rights organizations have reached an agreement with Texas state officials to settle the lawsuit filed after the Secretary of State’s office attempted
Grace Chimene, president League of Women Voters of Texas

Press Conference Statement: Grace Chimene, League of Women Voters Texas President

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Public Statement
Austin – The League of Women Voters of Texas is disappointed that SB 9 passed the Senate today. The League of Women Voters of Texas members will lead efforts across the state to stop SB 9 and similar bills from being passed in the T
Grace Chimene, president League of Women Voters of Texas, talking about the National Day of the Census
Public Statement

On behalf of the League, we would like to welcome you here today to the commencement of the One Year Countdown to Census 2020. 

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Press Mention
We need more than a ‘litigate later’ approach to redistricting By Grace Chimene and Stephanie Swanson
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Public Statement

The League of Women Voters of Texas welcomes the release today of the bi-annual Nonprofit VOTE/US Elections Project report “

Group of photos from Lobby days.

You make difference by empowering voters and defending democracy! We are defending democracy in Texas in extraordinary times!

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Public Statement
The League is thrilled that the lawsuit we filed against the Secretary of State to stop the voter purge is working.
Secretary of State Press Release
Public Statement
The League of Women Voters of Texas joined with many other organizations today 
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The League of Women Voters takes voter security very seriously!
Texas Bill Map
The big news this week is that both the Senate and the House have named their committee chairs and committees! The 
Women Empowering Voters Defending Democracy

Celebrate 2019, the League’s 100th year anniversary here in Texas, by making a commitment to empowering voters and defending democracy during the 86th TexasLegislature. We need YOU to join us at the Capitol for the LWVTX Lobby Days! We need your h

Happy New Year for 2019

 On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and our awesome student volunteers and interns of the League of Women Voters of Texas, I want to wish you a Happy New Year!